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  • Jackie Day

Why your business may need to modify its email marketing game plan for 2021.

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There is a big difference between creating a mediocre email campaign and one where you actually achieve the goals you've set up. Email is one of the most effective forms of marketing ever used and it's not going to change anytime soon. In fact, the current health crisis has proven that email is one of the most effective ways your business can stay in touch with your audience. What will change is how your business will grow email lists and interact with subscribers to build and sustain stronger relationships.

Below are a few impactful ways to boost the success of your email campaigns. These strategies are intended to help build your email list, nurture leads, and secure more sales.

Empathy-Based Marketing

2021 will have more focus on integrating empathy and building human connections. It’s not surprising, either. The pandemic has impacted all of us and has altered the way we communicate and interact with each other, and also with companies.

The days of sales pitches and overly promotional copy are in the past. It's more about building a strong relationship with your prospect which means understanding their needs and what they can expect from what you. Your marketing message needs to add value and empathy around what your potential customer's desires, needs, and feelings are so that you can build your strategy around those things to create a stronger bond.


Given what I've covered above on empathy-based marketing, this can also carry into how you personalize emails as well. This step actually starts with the information you collect from your online form. Consider adding a few optional personalization questions directly on the sign-up form. This will help segment your list based on data collected from those questions. You can then create a personalized drip campaign with content and offers relevant to each person.

To even further personalize your subscriber's experience, add questions to your welcome email. Let your subscribers know that you’re interested in personalizing their experience, and ask them questions that you can use to segment them into the appropriate list.

Social Consciousness

The rise of social issues have dominated the conversation in 2020 and have also changed the way consumers interact with companies. Creating an emotional connection between your business and your customers is the key to strengthening the relationship. Consumers today are now expecting brands to align with their values and support the causes they care about. So how do you accomplish this? By sharing your own brands' value and purpose, what you care about, and how you are contributing to the greater good.

Email Design Trends

2021 will also bring a shift in email design. Instead of emails that are constantly filled with flashy images or bright CTA's, simpler designs where the layout doesn't overshadow the message will build stronger connections. The simplified designs will enable important messages to feel more personable and authentic - remember empathy-based marketing? A strong copy that feels unique and authentic can make this happen.

This doesn't mean that beautifully designed emails are a thing of the past. It's about finding the right balance based on using empathy-based marketing as your driver and assessing what resonates best with your audience.

2021 Marketing

The business climate has changed and so has digital marketing. By keeping the tips we have provided you in mind, you will have success in 2021 with a highly-engaged email list, greater brand awareness, and more sales.

First Wave Marketing is passionate about offering the best tools and services, which is why we have teamed up with Constant Contact to provide tailored email and digital marketing solutions to fit your budget and business goals.

Contact us to learn more about Constant Contact email plans today.

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