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Your Trusted Marketing Consultant

Founded by Jackie Day in 2012, First Wave Marketing, LLC. started as a sole proprietorship providing consulting services to start-ups and entrepreneurs in need of marketing expertise. Whether your business needs branding, website development, SEO, social media or digital marketing expertise, we can help you stand out from your competitors, drive results, and help grow your business. 


With over 25 years of broad marketing and sales experience in a variety of industries, First Wave Marketing will deliver effective digital strategies that deliver results.

Jackie Day, First Wave Marketing Founder
Jackie Day, CEO and Founder
First Wave Marketing
Meeting Room
An Extension of Your Team

What sets First Wave Marketing apart from our competitors is our ability to integrate strategy, creativity, and client collaboration to drive meaningful results for our clients’ business. When you hire us, you’re hiring an extension of your marketing team with a singular focus on your success.

A Data-Driven Process

The role of marketing has shifted from convincing the audience to guiding them towards the best purchasing decision. Because of this, we research your target markets to understand the behavior and needs of your audience more deeply, allowing us to create more effective marketing.

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