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Design an effective blog that ranks high on Google.

Let the strategic marketing and blogging experts at First Wave Marketing in Melbourne, Florida bring more traffic to your website and get your site ranking higher on Google using fresh content and search engine optimization (SEO) principles.


A blog provides a way to engage and bring more traffic to your website. Google likes website designs with content that is updated frequently. Blogs offer fresh new information and Google recognizes that by giving that content higher placement when users search for related topics. Aside from Google loving blogs, and SEO, below are 6 reasons why a company should have a blog:


  1. A blog provides a low-cost, long-term venue to continuously bring your brand to life.

  2. A blog provides an informative resource for anyone seeking information about you or an issue relating to your brand.

  3. Social media and blogs are the fastest-growing categories in lead generation, and they continue to be categorized as the lowest cost lead-generation channel.

  4. You can invite guests: clients, thought leaders, and industry gurus to write guest articles.

  5. Readers can leave comments on your blog posts giving you valuable market intelligence and endorsement of your ideas.

  6. Share your blog on social media.  Posting articles on social media is a must!  This is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your site as well as engage your audience.

Did you know that businesses that blog

average 55% more website visitors than those that don’t?

Sample Blogs

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