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Is it time for a website audit?

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

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Information in this article has been updated on 12/1/2020.

An online presence for your brand is essential in today’s digital world, and we understand the work required to maintain good optimization through content marketing, link building, and social media. But when you really drill down to the most crucial element of your digital presence, it’s your website that matters most. Your website is the home base for your business and it must be cared for in order to bring a solid return on investment (ROI).

If you already deployed search engine optimization (SEO) on your website and are not seeing the results you want, then a website audit can help provide answers as to why you are experiencing decreased traffic, low conversions, and high bounce rates.

There are many factors that search engines use to determine your ranking. Some of the big ones include:

  • Content quality

  • Website authority

  • Responsiveness

  • Website speed

We all know that Google runs the show when it comes to search and if you haven’t experienced this by now, Google ranks“mobile-first” indexing when it comes to SERP. Mobile-first indexing means Google will use the mobile version of a web page for indexing and ranking ahead of desktop, to better assist mobile users. Google has indicated that if you only have desktop content, your site may be as represented in their index but not as high and mobile-optimized sites will rank far better. If you are not optimizing your site for mobile today, you better start.

First Wave Marketing has been involved in many SEO projects for over 10 years and we have seen incredible changes from search engines. Adding keywords to your title tags and content and header tags are important factors in SERP but there are many other conditions that must be met to rank these days.

Our website SEO audits include the following items:

  1. Technical Audit – making sure your site is well-coded and runs fast

  2. On-site Audit – full review and analysis of all pages for proper keyword use in all pertinent areas (H1-H6, title tags, content, etc.)

  3. Off-site Audit – analysis of backlinks and anchor text and authority and trust

  4. Social Audit – review current mentions and visibility

  5. Local SEO Audit – if you are a local business, we make sure your website is optimized for local and that you have citations and other elements needed to capture local listings

  6. Website navigation - ensuring that navigation makes sense to someone who is visiting your site and can find the information they are looking for easily and quickly.

  7. Call-to-Action (CTA's) - ensuring that your CTA's are easily found and are complementary to what is being offered on its respective page.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. An annual website audit can help your website stay healthy and grow your business! Contact the experts at First Wave Marketing for a free consultation.

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